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The 5 most common conditions that women traditionally struggle with include: 

  • Fatigue/loss of youthful energy 
  • Weight loss resistance (diet and exercise are not moving the needle on the scale) 
  • Mood imbalances (including anxiety and/or depression) 
  • Digestive concerns (such as heart burn, SIBO, slow metabolism, reflux, or IBS like symptoms)  
  • Hormone imbalances (adrenal, sex hormone, and thyroid).   

As a functional medicine practitioner, I am looking for the root cause of body imbalances that create symptoms.  While traditional, ‘Western’, medicine will use a medication or drug to mask these symptoms, this only creates more imbalances.  On the contrary, Functional Medicine uses a “holistic”, ‘Eastern’, approach by determining where the imbalances are in the body that created the symptoms to begin with. 

Imbalances in the 3 Body Systems (Neuroendocrine, GI, and Liver) can be responsible for many of these common health concerns.  By using alternative functional medicine lab testing, we can hone in on the root causes of many of these symptoms.  Science-based medical laboratory examinations shed light on biochemical and biomechanical imbalances.  By restoring imbalances, women are feeling better and livelier, reversing symptoms, restoring energy, and are equipped and empowered to live healthier lives in their personal journey to better health


Adrenal Glands  

Long-term stress depletes DHEA and increases cortisol causing a chronic state of sympathetic overdrive (what we view as anxiety and fatigue), leading to insulin resistance and a decreased immune response.   



Stress depletes and creates an imbalance in dopamine, adrenaline, serotonin, and melatonin.  When depleted, this can crease fatigue, anxiety, sleep disorders, mood changes, appetite suppression, and digestive imbalances.   


Depletion in energy relates to how your body is converting food and stored energy into ATP. Mitochondrial dysfunction and nutrient deficiencies interrupt energy production and cause blood sugar regulation issues, fatigue, sleep disorders, brain fog, and body aches/pains.   


Female & Thyroid Hormones 

Concerns relating to progesterone, estrogen, TSH, FT4, FT3, Reverse T3, and antibodies can be addressed and, many times, corrected by addressing the adrenal glands.   



Healthy gut microbiome can adversely affect the gut lining and the ability to process nutrients.  There may be an underlying overgrowth or undergrowth of key biome that help to serve the body.  Overtime, this can have an impact on the brush border of the digestive system, creating enzymatic imbalances from the pancreas and gallbladder and gut lining breakdown.  


Leaky Gut 

Diarrhea, constipation, bloating, nutritional deficiencies, fatigue, headaches, skin concerns, joint pain, and underlying inflammation can stem from leaky gut.  Leaky gut is due to long term damage of the gut lining.  Overtime, this will also create subsequent liver processing issues.  


Food Sensitivities 

Yo-yo dieting, blood sugar imbalances, underlying inflammation, and food sensitivities can all trigger gut lining imbalances and GI symptoms.  Food sensitivities typically show up symptomatically as fatigue, headaches, skin concerns, joint pain, and body inflammation.   



Many women have underlying pathogens, fungal infections, and overgrowth of bacteria that adversely effect the gut lining and microbiome.  Fatigue, bloating, and brain fog are common concerns that women experience with an underlying pathogen.  It is not uncommon that traditional medicine misses this diagnosis and is typically why GI testing in functional medicine is on the rise!  


Oxidation and Methylation 

Methylation translates into how well your body is processing and utilizing B vitamins to support liver detoxification pathways.  Detoxification utilizing methylation is key to enabling the body to remove the elements that do not serve us.  Many women learn they have an MTHFR mutation that creates stress in the body, contributing to a variety of health conditions from depression to cancer. 



Hidden inflammation is where functional medicine shines (in my opinion).  Common symptoms include pain, fatigue, anxiety, weight gain, frequent infections, skin issues, and cardiovascular concerns.  Determining where the inflammation is coming from is key!  


How well is your liver breaking down and clearing toxins.  Not only do we want to support a phase I liver detoxication, how the body pulls toxins out of fat/adipose tissue, we also need to support the liver’s ability to remove it from tissues and remove it from the body through excretion.  Imbalances in the body’s detoxification system can create headaches, brain fog, fatigue, anxiety and immune issues.   

Ready To Begin?

Functional medicine is considered root-cause medicine.  Rather than treating the symptoms of a disease, the goal is to find the root cause of the imbalance in the body.  Functional medicine practitioners have an underlying goal of finding what is out of balance, and restoring the body back to balance so that it can function as intended.  Functional medicine will also utilize Lifestyle Medicine to help guide women back to creating a better routine, so the body does not go out of balance again.  


To get to the root cause of your symptoms and determine where imbalances can be creating concerns, schedule a Functional Medicine Consultation at West Health Spa.  Start your journey to root-cause medicine to achieve better health and healing.  Schedule Today 


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