Why choose West Health Spa for your waxing experience?

Waxing removes the hair from the root, allowing hair to regrow softer, finer, weaker and thinner. When waxing is performed regularly, you can enjoy the benefits of reduced hair growth.  You’ll also get the benefit of a gentle exfoliation to give skin a softer, smoother and brighter appearance.  Our estheticians strive to provide you with a comfortable, reputable, and consistent waxing experience leaving skin feeling incredibly smooth. Our estheticians at West Health Spa have received hands on training from one of the most reputable wax companies in the nation, Berodin Wax.

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Berodin Wax

Pre & Post Care:  Care before you bare, and soothe before you move.  Use a results-driven pre & post wax care solution that will prep your skin for a more comfortable waxing experience.  Solutions are vegan and formulated without phthalates, sulfates, parabens, mineral oil, synthetic dyes or fragrances.


Benefits of Pre & Post Care:

  • Conditions the skin before waxing to add a protective barrier that won’t interfere with the efficacy of the wax
  • Eases product release and removes residue
  • Instant irritation relief
  • Reduces redness by 40-60% within minutes of treatment
  • Soothes and supports skin healing

We’ve partnered with the best wax company on the market, BERODIN WAX.  Skip the sticky feel of other traditional waxes.  Not only is BERODIN WAX gentle on the skin and strong at hair removal, but it can be applied at low heat.


Benefits of waxing consistently:

  • Skin is less prone to inflammation from shaving
  • Less itching/prickliness because the removal of the hair is from the root
  • Prevention of ingrown hairs
  • Enjoy the silky look and feel for weeks at a time.


Luxury Vegan Wax Services: Price
Eye Brow Wax, tint and lamination 99
Full Face 60
Back of Chest 65
Half Arms 40
Full Arms 60
Half Legs 50
Full Legs 80
Women’s Bikini Line 40
Women’s Brazilian 75
Women’s Modified Brazilian 65
Women’s Brazilian + Legs 125
Women’s Brazilian + Stomach Trail 80
Women’s Buttocks 45
Women’s Total Body 375
Add-ons: Price
Brow Shaping 30
Underarms 30
Women’s Lips 15
Women’s Modified Face (Brows, Lips, Chin) 50
Women’s Stomach 15